Whatever your customers need, MyStar Personal Assistant is always there. Travel arrangements, directory assistance, weather/traffic conditions, emergency assistance ... you name it, we will do it ... all branded in your dealership's name!



Your customers will have peace of mind knowing MyStar is available 24/7/365. Each call is answered by a live professionally trained personal assistant that brands your dealership anytime.



No matter where your customers are, MyStar is available by phone, email, text, online, or via a dealer-branded personal assistant app. We make it easy for your customers to connect and get the answers the need from anywhere in the world.

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Watch this brief overview about the MyStar Personal Assistant program to learn almost everything you need to know about how MyStar can help you sell more vehicles, increase your CSI scores and keep your brand top-of-mind with your customers long after the sale.

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You will be amazed how simple it is to implement the service in your dealership and start giving your customers the ultimate dealership experience all branded in your dealership's name.

The MyStar program is completely customizable to your dealership. Please contact us for more information.

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At a GlanceWhat you need to know


Dealer Benefits

MyStar is the only dealer-branded personal assistant service specifically designed for the automotive industry.

Your customers will receive access to a team of live, professionally trained personal assistants 24/7/365 that will help callers with anything they can imagine.

The program is completely branded to your dealership and costs you absolutely nothing to implement. You only pay for the service when a vehicle is sold.

No Up-Front Costs
Inexpensive per Vehicle Cost
High-Perceived Value
No Equipment to Install
No Long-Term Commitment
Includes 1-month of Service for Visitors

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Easy to Issue

Your employees will love talking about and issuing the service to your customers. MyStar will create and print branded marketing materials for your dealership to be able to present the program to your customers.

All that is needed to activate the service is your customer's name, email and cell phone number. Your customers will receive a branded welcome text message and email within seconds and will be ready to use the service.

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Simple to Use

All your customers need to do to use MyStar is dial a toll-free number. They will be greeted by name by one of our live personal assistants, read your dealership's branded greeting and can ask anything they can possibly imagine. Travel arrangements, directory assistance, weather/traffic conditions, emergency assistance ... you name it, we will do it all!

Your customers can also make requests by sending an email, a text to a short code, an online request or even using the dealer-branded personal assistant app we will create for your dealership as part of the program. Learn more about the app.

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Some of Our Clients We help build loyalty through
exceptional personal experiences

Infiniti Personal Assistant

Infiniti has been including Infiniti Personal Assistant with the purchase of a new Infiniti since 2010. Access to Infiniti Personal Assistant is integrated into the vehicle's head unit as well as through the Infiniti Personal Assistant app.

Learn more at

Subaru Starlink Concierge

Subaru has been offering Subaru Concierge since 2018. Subaru Concierge is available through the head unit of several Subaru models and is scheduled to be integrated into every Subaru by 2020.

Learn more at

 Nissan Concierge

Nissan launched Nissan Concierge on the newly designed Nissan Altima Edition One in 2018. In 2019 Nissan is integrating access to Nissan Concierge on all Nissan's with the newly upgraded telematics platform.

Learn more at

 Mitsubishi Connect

MyStar has been providing services for Mitsubishi since 2017. Every call that originates from select Mitsubishi vehicles comes to MyStar's call center. MyStar handles iCalls as well as eCalls. MyStar can route customers who are experiencing an emergency to their nearest 911 operator.

Learn more at

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