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      On my business trip to Dallas in Aug 2016 with 6 of my colleagues I used Infiniti Personal Assistant every day. Infiniti Personal Assistant associates helped us to find restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner and made multiple reservations. In some cases they were able to make reservations when my colleagues couldn't. Many requests I've made on a very short notice (an hour or less). All restaurant recommendations were excellent! We ate in a different place every meal. All my co-workers were very impressed. None of them experienced such level of service before. We all very much appreciated Infiniti Personal Assistant service and people! Thank you very much for such great help! This made our trip 100% awesome! Also I would like to let you know that me and my family very much appreciate the level of courtesy (politeness and respect to be exact) that we receive each time when calling Infiniti Personal Assistant. By comparison my wife has a similar service in her Lexus. Lexus service only provides destination assist and while their people are polite by comparison with Infiniti Personal Assistant service Lexus service feels like it is manned by a bunch of hobos from California. We don't like it. So you guys are awesome!  
      Was considering Mercedes untill saw all u offer. C what I got.  
      I LOVE INFINITI!!!!! I LOVE INFINITI PERSONAL ASSISTANTS!!!!......SO MUCH THAT I WROTE THIS IN ALL CAPITALS!!!! Infiniti personal assistants are the bomb!!! I dont think i can go on without them....seriously, i cant even consider another car brand!!!  
      They have been so helpful ,beyond that so very friendly ,I tell people all the time about this service  
      Toyota makes great vehicles  
      My Personal Assistant was wonderful to work with and is a 5 Star rating. I am sorry to say I cannot say the same for my last service appointment on June 30, 2016 7:45 AM at Fields Infiniti Glencoe, IL. When I came in to pick up my car my bill was about $400 less than what I was told it would be. I asked them to check again and they told me this was the correct bill. I paid it and went home and my husband looked over the charges. He asked why we were charged for new windshield wipers when he had them replaced just a few days ago? After a day and a half of trying to contact the billing/service dept. they finally got back to us and said they would refund us the charge for the wipers. They also told us they found an error in billing and they forgot to charge us for service, roughly $400. We agreed to pay the $400 service fee I originally questioned. Then my husband noticed we were then double charged for the service fee and had to get this adjusted again! I have always had wonderful service from Fields Infiniti in the past but this last service call was one mistake after another. If I could rate this last service call it would have to be very poor! My confirmation # was X01C4G55HG, can you please pass this information onto Infiniti costomer service. Thank you again for your assistance. Suzanne Martinson  
      I LOVE this service. The app is great. I wish I had known about it sooner.  
      I must say, the personal assistant team is FANTASTIC! They are highly professional and courteous. I'm very happy I don't have to speak to someone I can barely understand in a different country. I have used the service over 50 times and I really appreciate what Infiniti offers. I highly recommend my car to friends because of IPA. Actually my sister and my cousin both got my car because of IPA =D  
      I love my infiniti n try hard not to brag, but i often do brag anyways. Lol and i love the infiniti personal assistants!!!!!!!  
      I was amazed by Toyota giving me a Personal Assistant. It is a fantastic perk. I have used it 3 times so far and am so impressed by the person who answers and the results . I rate this much higher than a "5". Thanks to Toyota and to Gettel Toyota Lakewood in Bradenton, Florida.  
      I love IPA. This is a service that would highly influence my decision to stay with Infiniti when my lease contract expires. I do think it should return as a standard feature. I was quite disappointed in Infiniti when they began to charge for this service.  
      Great service. More dealerships should offer it. Hopefully you are promoting this service to other dealerships.  
      Your staff is consistently 'can do' personel. I cannot live without their daily assistance!  
      Great experiences always! My husband and I both drive Infinitis and love them and also the service. Randy and Marillyn Russell  
      This service has been exceptional during EVERY interaction. Thanks!  
      I have never experienced such a first class service from any group. When I was here in Houma, La in April, Alex literally saved my son's job offshore as they're not allowed to be late for certification. Though he's worked offshore for 5 years it doesn't matter. He's married with 3 young children. Alex found me, rerouted me, and we arrived at Recertication 4 minutes bf start. The roads in the Louisiana bayou are detours, closed roads. etc right now. Within 10 minutes he had it right. Donna was wonderful yesterday when it said road closed. She found out 310 was actually open. She was absolutely calming to me after I freaked out. Again she saved the day and a job. I spoke w her this morning to help make a decision about what to do hotel wise tonight. She has a comforting affect that is rarely found. Chris' knowledge regarding hotels in the Thibodaux/Houma area.was priceless last night. He found me the most lovely, beautiful room that I may move into it. Lol. I had been up since 2:30 am. He was ever so patient bc I was mentally drained. Aaron was also very helpful to me. The team at Personal Assistant is unbelievablely FIRST CLASS. I hope I haven't left anyone out. Everyone is beyond brilliant, helpful, pAtient, everything. There's just nothing left to say other than I'm in awe of what y'all have created. Unbelievable organization. Sincerely, Shelley Marks  
      This service should be available to other car dealers, not just Infiniti  
      Love my Toyota!  
      This is a great addition to a great purchase. Thanks.  
      Awesome specialized directions! Quick response. Thanks  
      All my friends want a Toyota now.  
      It was really nice to be able to send a message to the personal assistant in a time when I was thinking about it and not have to worry about waking up to call the service department to cancel my appointment. Given my condition, it was nice to just let my body rest without worry. Thank you.  
      Kacy J. did a fantastic job and offered to do more, (which I may need). Excellent!  
      It was such a comfort when I thought I was lost to know that my Toyoguard personal assistant was only a phone call away. They answered when I called and stayed on the phone with me until I felt confident that I was going in the right direction. Thumbs up for Toyota.  
      I have thoroughly enjoyed this service each time I gave used it. Thank you for the wonderful service!  
      The service has been excellent for a recent trip my family has taken.  
      Love my Infiniti. This is my fifth one and the service is superb!!!!!  
      Love my Toyota guard....  
      I love the personal assistant! I have had help finding rest stops, hotels and restaurants while traveling alone and unable to use other devices while driving. I've also used the assistant for non travel related information. I had to call and ask for ingredients for a mimosa while driving to a wedding shower where I needed to supply that particular drink. Thanks, Toyota!  
      Love my Toy  
      I really appreciate the professionalism and comfortably of having the Toyoguard Assistant whenever I call.  
      Frankly, I did not know of ToyoGuard until I traded my pervious Tacoma for the one I have now; great and pleasant surprise. All have been extremely helpful and if they were unable to answer a question, they found a person who could. ToyoGuard is super.  
      I love using my Toyota personal assistant!! Everyone is so nice and extremely helpful. A couple of weeks ago I had to get directions to a bank and because I was in a different town, I had no idea where this bank was, my personal assistant stayed on the phone with me until I got to my destination. That's customer service!! I don't know what I would do without them. Thank you for providing an outstanding service!!  
      Whenever i had to use toyotaguard it was extremely heloful for me and am well satisfied  
      This service is the one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life. Close to my first kiss, ect. I love the simplicity and expertise!  
      Keep up the excellent work. I love Toyota and the personal assistant. You are ahead of your time  
      Have not had to use it but it's a good feeling to have it if needed.  
      Only used the service once. We are planning a big trip and I intend to use this service quite often.  
      Amazing service all around!  
      Great service from my assistant  
      I was absolutely delighted by the service I received!! I felt this adds to the luxury experience I have already been feeling about my Q50. The personal assistant I spoke to went above and beyond to solve my problem and I highly appreciate it.  
      Love the brand and, when its needed, love the service!  
      I so appreciate having this assistance available to me at any given time and/or day. I use them so often, that I couldn't imagine NOT having them on my speed dial, and I'm always so impressed at how professional they are & quick to respond to my requests! In fact when I'm out with friends or family, and we have a question about anything and don't know the answer, your personal assistant always gets the answer for us, or when we need help with a phone number or finding a restaurant or bank...infinities personal assistance always comes through for us. What a wonderful perk Infinitis personal assistant Program is! Thank you for introducing this program to us! We LOVE it!!  
      Donna was very informative and polite. Also Sal Derosa exceeded our expectation on service with our new Infinity.  
      The Personal Assistant was outstanding to communicate with. She was excellent with her recommendations and details.  
      Very, very, very pleased. I will be in to see Steve and whomever on 3/16/16 to negotiate my services for that totally adorable Q60 hard top /convertinlet pearl gray blue infinity.  
      Awesome car, even more AWESOME CONCIERGE SERVICE!!! Love the people who answer as they are extremely helpful and will do almost anything for you (except nag me like my wife, JUST KIDDING!!). Love this service!!  
      I am simply pleased with my IPA!! I love even more that it works even if you're not in your Infiniti unlike OnStar! I'm an Infiniti fan and can't imagine owning one without my IPA!  
      Great service tonight - tire was changed with a professional company in less than 1 hours time. Thanks Infiniti Personal Assistant - Rachelle Graham  
      Hi, I would especially like to commend Robert A. on exceptional and outstanding service. About 6-8 weeks ago I was helping an elderly friend and her disabled son set up a gmail account on his PC computer. Mind you, I am only familiar with Apple's Mac. While I was having trouble I called Infiniti Personal Assistant and encountered Robert A. and asked him to connect me with Hewlett Packard's tech support department. On a whim, I asked Robert if he knew anything about setting up an email on a PC.... he COMPLETELY walked me through it, stayed on the line with me until my friend's email was ready to go, and made me a STAR in their eyes! I had wanted to contact his supervisor about his excellent work but wasn't sure how. Recently, Robert answered one of my calls again and that call has made it possible to pass on this compliment. What a great perk Infiniti Personal Assistant is to Infiniti owners and what a terrific employee Robert is! Thank you so much!!! Simone Gould  
      I was blown away by this single feature, but had never utilized it before. I never had the need to, honestly because they are such great cars. I can't believe the courtesy, professionalism, and helpfulness of the gentleman assisting me. So much so that I felt compelled to take the time out of my day, while I'm traveling on business, to write this about him. Thank you John, for an exceptional experience.  
      I love my new QX 80 Infiniti! I feel like I'm riding on a cloud when driving it! The personal assistant was very courteous & helpful.....I'm overwhelmed with the overall Infiniti world! Thank you! ☺  
      I love it. Makes everyday life easier which making the purchase of a infinity totally worth it.  
      All of the Personal Assistants who helped us were extremely competent, knowledgeable, cheerful and diligent. They are well trained and reflect Infinitis reputation.  
      Sally and Veronica were unbelievable! We had a change of flight schedule for our 17 year old grand daughter, who was traveling alone back to Slovenia. The connecting flight in Brussels was changed to 12 hours. Because of their help we were able to get another flight more suitable for her. Thank you Sally and Veronica for your expertise and diligence, you were outstanding! Ernie and Barbara Mendillo  
      The PA Team is awesome! I always feel as if my request is the most important task of the day for representative helping me.  
      IPA is and continues to be an amazing service that I evangelize to all my friends. My life wouldn't be the same without it!! You Rock!  
      This is awesome!! So very helpful! Especially for busy mom like me!  
      What an amazing service! Saves my day, everyday!  
      I am glad this in included in my purchase, I think it may be broken now I tried to use it the other day and it was not working. My salesman told me it was included for the term of my lease, that was the only reason I agreed to the higher payment.  
      I am having great experience with Infiniti PA and this is another main reason i am considering getting another Infiniti.  
      IPA is simply amazing. They are the best. They help me every single day! They absolutely rock  
      Honestly I thought it was going to be an internationally outsourced virtual assistant and that I would have a difficult time explaining my tasks to foreign nationals who are unfamiliar with the terrain here. I was surprised to hear that all the Infiniti Personal assistants I've spoken to thus far have been so professional, polite and on top of it! I'm only on day two of the service but I"m very happy so far. We'll see how consistent they are. Thank you! Keep excelling the program. I'm excited to see what comes of it.  
      This is my second iInfiniti car, and I don't want to drive anything else --ever! I love my G37x,and thank you for all the wonderful features included to make the ride even better!  
      West my Personal Assistant was fantastic and had a great tone and personality well don't West and Infiniti  
      I used this service three times in the last two days and received very quick and efficient service. I love this service!  
      Beautiful, luxurious, high performance vehicles are one thing---but when you are stranded on the side of the road, 150 miles from home none of that matters. Having someone to call and get you out of trouble is what's important. And Infiniti Personal Assistant was responsive, attentive, followed-up, and made sure that my vehicle was towed, fixed, and that I got home---safely. Absolutely, my confidence and feelings about Infiniti were solidified---and you can bet that I will tell my friends. Thank you to the IPA folks and to Steve Owens at Smith Infiniti if Huntsville.  
      I am very pleased with Infiniti Personal Assistant, it's comforting to know that its always there when I need it!  
      Kristy C. WOWED ME.... she over delivered awesomely! THANK YOU!!  
      Truly one of the best investments I have ever come across! Your staff is very knowledgable and resourceful! I travel internationally quite a bit and even overseas they come through! Why have a real PA when there is the Infiniti PA. You have a very satisfied customer and I have spread the news - keep up the excellence and these folks you hire are freaking amazing - they must be hand picked from the creme de la creme!  
      Outstanding perk for purchasing an Infiniti which always provides unmatched service.  
      I have recommended Infiniti to several of my family and friends and, even received two referral checks from the Infiniti Financial Group. Sure wish this amenity lasted the length of my finance period. Keep up the great work!  
      This is my third Infiniti. Need I say more?  
      It has been very helpful in several situations. I don't take undue advantage of it and I appreciate the help very much  
      This is the best feature and makes me want to buy an Infiniti just because of this service.  
      I love this service, it should come standard as your company trade mark of luxury  
      With my previous vehicle I was used to using ONSTAR; however, Infiniti personal assistant provides a more personal and specialized experience.  
      I've only used Infiniti Personal Assistant twice, but both times were a positive experience.  
      Personal assistant was able to get me through to Infiniti financial after two days of trying myself.  
      This is a service that goes above and beyond providing great customer service. Keep up the great work.  
      I'm in love with this vehicle. I have a 2011Jaguar XJL and it drive beautifully but NOT as well as my QX70. This vehicle is pure awesomeness. The features such as the personal assistant and navigation is better than the Jaguars. I will buy another Infiniti as soon as I sell the Jag. Promise.  
      My business partner's wife owns an Infiniti and my wife saw her use the assistant service a few times. She was so blown away by how useful it was to her friend, when it came time to get her a new car she insisted on Infiniti. She's a new mom and adamant about not using her phone while driving, so she loves the hands-free aspect. Now she's the one bragging to her friends about it. She especially loves teasing the ones that drive other luxury brands since they don't have anything close to this. They get really annoyed, which is a lot of fun for me ;) Keep up the great work!  
      This is my 4th. Love it.  
      Do not remove this service. It adds convenience and support to your customers!! Now if our gas mileage were only better. The claims when we bought the car were false and misleading.  
      I am most pleased with my new Infiniti Q50. The fine vehicle is equipped with a robust system, which I am still getting familiar with. Outstanding performing vehicle. Folks on the roads are rolling down their windows to ask me about my new car. Love the attention the Infiniti brings me.  
      My friends were very impressed and one even commented, "That's why you buy an Infiniti!" It is so convenient and handy when I'm driving.  
      Love my QX50 and Infiniti PA has helped me enjoy it even more. Great job!  
      It's not just the personal assistant but the overall infiniti perks, customer support, attitude that makese only want to own Infiniti's !  
      I love the INFINITI brand but my recent interaction regarding my tires prevents me from recommending them to friends  
      personal assistant made my recent 3000 mile vacation much more pleasent  
      personal assistant was a great feature included with my purchase i only wish it was for the original 48 month period, not just the 12 month period i received with my purchase.  
      I have only had positive experiences when using Infiniti Personal Assistant.  
      i cancelled my mercedes personal assistant becasue Infiniti personal assistanmt is somuch superior in every way  
      This is my third Infiniti vehicle, all with personal assistant. LOVE IT !!!!  
      They do an incredible job and are always friendly and helpful!! They have gotten me out of a jam more than once!! Good crew!  
      Great unexpected service. Just a hassle when it comes to having Personal assistant buy something for you. Spent 30 minutes on the phone just to buy a parking pass for a Dodger Game. But everything else was exceptional. Thank you!  
      At least 3 people I know, two in my condo building have purchased an Infiniti, because they loved my IPA!  
      Thank you for the luxury car experience. This is my first infinite but it will not be my last.  
      I think it is a great feature which is shown in how often i use it....thank you  
      Keep up the great work. I love the Infiniti personal assistant, they always help me with anything that I call them up with  
      I have been extremely happy with the Infiniti that I purchased as well as the Infiniti Personal Assistant that came along with it. I have used the Personal Assistant several times & have been very pleased with the service! Thank you!  
      The person who received my car in body shop was great, very professional, very friendly and I had an excellent experience.  
      I think that IC is an incredible feature. I'm always surprised by how friendly and helpful everyone is. Highly recommended  
      With a personal assistant you feel like you're very part of the Infinity family  
      The staff is well selected trained and educated. Please do not outsource to a boiler room in some corner of the world. Keep the good work.  
      My final home for auto is with Infiniti...  
      This is my second Infinity and I have loved both! My dealership "Fresno Infinity" is awesome in service, sales and professionalism. Highly recommend to anyone.  
      Infiniti Personal Assistant is not only a great safety feature, but so helpful and I use it a lot and appreciate the wonderful, polite, helpful customer service. 5 Star all the way!  
      Thanks for always being there and always being such a huge help.  
      Well done. Just don't like the advertisement from dealer every time. Why can't it just be great service. I remember the dealer.  
      Although I have only used the assistant a few times. This response actually provided me with the information that I needed in concrete form.  
      This is my second Infiniti. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it - partly because of Sewell Infiniti. You just don't get that same level of service at all dealers.  
      I've used IPA once or twice to schedule a service appointment. It worked and that's what counts...  
      The Infiniti was my first purchase of a "luxury" vehicle. My goal was to find a vehicle that was the best combination of performance, luxury and practicality. I did significant research to get the best value. Initially, my experience with the service department at the dealership did not match the expectation I had of services I would get at a "luxury" dealership. I am an executive and I need it to be easy to take care of my vehicle. The Infiniti experience was not much different than my Ford experience. Probably less easy. The Infiniti Persoanl Assistant however has been a great tool because I travel globally 50% of the time. This is a differentiator that has neutralized the bad feelings I have had for service.  
      Definitely a selling point, sets Infiniti above the others.  
      I have only used the service twice in the year I have owned my Infiniti and have been impressed with the results both times. I wish I had a need to use it more often. It is the highest standard of customer service that I have experienced.  
      Infiniti staff takes very good care of us. I'm always supplied with a loaner car if need. That is of the utmost importance to me and my family!!!! Infiniti of Baton Rouge has an excellent Staff......I rate them a 5 star and more. Gratefully Wanda and Tim Lockhart of South LA. Automated Valve Service LLC  
      Great service and great car. (which is my third) Thanks  
      I love the personal assistant feature, my experience has been a great one. Thank you.  
      Wonderful product. Would like to subscribe to this service for other cars.  
      I have told family, friends, coworkers! I LOVE this Infinti!!!  
      I have "shown off" personal assistant to at least 10 people. It's great advertising for Infiniti. PA has helped us so many times. Once a PA stayed on the phone with us for 20 min when our nav system malfunctioned any we had no idea where we were. The PA got us back until the system worked again telling us what roads were ahead and giving us the confidence we were making the correct turns. I'll likely buy another Infiniti because of the service.  
      Clearly, you hire the best. They are high EQ, attentive, professional yet personal, prompt, problem solvers. They are everything the USA lacks now, in these sad times for America. They go out of their way to remove barriers to goals. Great job!  
      I never expect the personal friendly service that this service provides. I called to ask for a phone number to HEB deli dept the assistant said she would place my order and send me a text and voice confirmation . I was just so greatful for this service done while I just was able to drive to my next appt.. They are so kind even to my granddaughters when she calls them for directions to Galveston . Love this service and the staff they hire! Brenda Bass  
      I use this all the time! This service is unbelievable ! It really is. Nobody believes me! I can give you a testimonial on how I use it! Call me please ! 704-232-7058 Jeff  
      Great and fast service. No matter what I need they are willing to help in anyway  
      Infiniti personal assistant has locked me in as an Infiniti customer. I don't want to be without it!  
      Love the personal assistant. I do not drive often in metroplex, but when I do it makes it so much easier to get my directions. Thank you so much for such a wonderful service.  
      An outstanding service - it provides tremendous value to those of us with busy lifestyles!!!  
      They are always courteous, professional, very helpful, and have answers to my questions. ..  
      Since leasing my Infiniti I have used this service three or four times. This does not justify the cost. Sadly to say, Infiniti's technology has lagged behind it's competitors.  
      From gas on the roadside to dinner reservations, it has come in handy many times. I love it.  
      My Infiniti personal assistant never worked and every time I brought it in for service and told them there was nothing they could do they said it worked  
      I adore my Infiniti Personal Assistant. Always there when I need something and ALWAYS very KIND!!!!  
      With past Infiniti leases, the personal assistant was included throughout. For this one, it is only with me for 1 year. I do not like that! Infiniti should have included throughout the lease period  
      it is a great feature to have and in my opinion a real selling point that with an exceptional automobile comes an exceptional service.  
      Very prompt & helpful when I had a flat tire.  
      Infiniti is a quality, high end car and should definitely include Personal Assistant as a standard feature. They should also include the "tone" to indicate possible contact with an object while backing up, as part of the rear camera.  
      PA has gotten me out of more than one jam. Whether it's 2am on a blocked off freeway needing help to navigate home (google maps and Waze don't work for everything!) or finding some weird drink or food I need for nutritional reasons in a different city where I'm traveling on business - I am nothing but grateful to push that button on my Favorites list in my phone and get a kind, smart helpful person on the other end. Don't know where you find them but they are great!  
      INFINITI Personal Assistance is the one thing you should brag about and let new customers discover it and spread it around their network - I've mentioned it to 50+ people already and I had to show them to believe it. It's incredible!  
      Contacted my personal assistant to schedule an oil change and he made the experience vey easy. He was extremely polite and got me into the dealership at the timeframe I needed. Well done!!  
      It has been a life saver when I need a phone # or location  
      I don't use the Personal Assistant often but I love having the feature. It has come in very handy on occasions when I have needed something special and was under time constraints.. The Personal Assistants have always filled my requests, answered my questions, and provided the information quickly.  
      All your representatives are very polite, professional, have a good command of the English language, do not use slang, always pleasant to speak to and competent. While one would expect this from anyone in the service industry it is often a rarity. Keep up the good work.  
      I've kept a log of my requests over the last few years. Good reading.  
      Love the service I was real lost in another city they help me so much  
      I have an iPad, an iPhone and many other contemporary communication devices. But when I am going 70 MPH on a 6 lane freeway, I do not want to open any applications, contact lists, emails or other devices to gain assistance. I simply say "Call Infinity Personal Assistant" and I get a talented person who speaks perfect English and gets the information or connection I need...and quickly. Dr. Janet McMahill  
      Infiniti Owner: I have purchased the exact same Infiniti vehicle, the newest model, for the past 6 years!!! Love the Infiniti Personal Assistant feature. Loyal Customer.  
      I love Infiniti. This is my 5th car. Looking forward to the 6th in 2017. Thank you for my Personal Assistant. It impresses people.  
      I Love all the Infiniti personal assistance professionalism and willingness to help in any way they can when I call them. Sometimes I just want to call them and ask a question, so my colleagues and family can hear how personal they are and helpful. Obviously they are always impressed, and say "hum, maybe I should buy or lease an Infinity so they can have a "personal assistant" too. So I'm trying to HELP with your marketing!! I love having this feature for just being an Infinity owner! Thanks so much for it! Karen  
      The service I received from eddie I believe was his new was above and beyond. Much better than the service I got in other infinity dealers. My wife will be changing her car and we will be going to the infinity in tampa fl  
      My last purchase was an Infiniti and that service was for 4 years. I think the new one I just purchased has IPS for only one year. This should be at least for 4-5 year period for new owners and good selling point for certified owners  
      The Infiniti Personal Assistant takes my car to a whole new level of luxury! I can't imagine driving another car without it!  
      I am so impressed with the personal assistant and the all around care provided by Infiniti. Best service I have ever received. I tell everyone about the personal assistant.  
      I absolutely love my Personal Assistant and will renew it as soon as it expires. They are the best and I dont know what I would do without it!!  
      LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IPA!! We consider IPA a member of our team. THANK YOU!!  
      IPA is SUPER AWESOME... FANTASTIC... AMAZING... HUGE TIME SAVER and feels like our go-to for everything best friend! My husband and I didn't realize the POWER of IPA during our first 4 years of service, so we lost 4 years!!! :-o. I thought it was mostly a road travel, reservation, emergency type PA, but finally, in the 5th year of our membership and a new car upgrade, the knowledgeable sales rep raved about it, so we FINALLY started using it regularly. Can't believe we waited so long... SO GRATEFUL for our IPA!! :-)  
      Personal assistants very professional n prompt I'm very impressed I'm very busy so the personal assistant works well I work for a bank n I'm getting ready to launch my website selling hand bags Thank you Infiniti  
      I lovd love love my personal assistant. They are very helpful rp me especially. While driving. It is a mich needed. Safety. Feature your staff is always professional i would recommend. This service to everyone. Keep up the excellent. Job. Infiniti your personal. Assistant. Staff. Is wonderful  
      Professional, timely and courteous. I will continue to use this service and tell others about it!  
      I absolutely love IPA! The group is so efficient and thorough I wish I could pay to have expanded services to my business. It is the single factor in why I continue to purchase Infiniti. I can't imagine my life without it! They have helped immensely and are cheerful, communicate effectively and even compared to paid VA services they are far and beyond superior! I love you guys and think every car manufacturer should offer this service. It's simply amazing!  
      The Employee that Assisted me went above and beyond and represents what Infiniti Personal Assistant should be. Thank You!  
      Love it so much I got another Infiniti! I tell everyone about the feature! Wouldn't consider getting a vehicle without the service. Thanks! And Kristy C provided excellent service for me.  
      Can't see myself not buying another Infiniti in the future. Great car and this service is the greatest!  
      This is such an amazing feature. I did not have time to make a reservation today for a work event. When I called I only wanted the phone number and he didn't think twice about taking care of everything for me. It was great! Thank you. I am just sorry I didn't keep his name  

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