About MyStar

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About MyStar

Maestro, MyStar's parent company began developing the platform that powers the personal assistance service in 2005. Seeing the obvious need for the service in the automotive industry, Adam and Kfir Alfia, the company's founders partnered with Ken Ferguson to start the MyStar division. MyStar began by selling a version of the program to local franchise dealerships. The program caught the attention of several large dealer groups and eventually APCO who manages the EasyCare F&I product line. The program was private-labeled to them and eventually Motor Trend. As MYStar's success and penetration in the automotive industry grew rapidly, the program slowly became not only a sales tool to increase the value of the vehicles before the sale, but also as a unique F&&I tool to help increase the value of other products sold in the F&&I office.

In 2009, MyStar launched a national program with Nissan North America on it's luxury brand, Infiniti, whereby Infiniti included 4 years of unlimited service with every vehicle. The same year, MyStar also launched Toyoguard Personal Assistant with South East Toyota.

In 2011, customer surveys conducted by MyStar's clients showed that giving a trial of the service to customers during their visit to the dealership as part of the vehicle purchase increased CSI scored as high as 31%.

In 2012, MyStar introduced Live Assist, a dealer and OEM branded personal assistant app that helps customers easily access their team of assistants through a quick dial button or by submitting electronic requests through the app. Furthermore, the app allows users to share their GPS location with the personal assistant which adds another layer of safety and security to the experience.

In 2014, MyStar introduced E911-Connect, which allows drivers to call an Emergency Response Specialist in MyStar's National Headquarters and be immediately connected to a PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) if emergency crews are required.

MyStar is currently in discussions with several OEM's on how to enhance their offering by helping them to provide their branded personal assistant service to their customers.


The MyStar Promise

“The exceptional benefit that gives you the competitive edge and your customers
safety, security and peace of mind by providing them with personal experiences on a daily basis.”

Anything. Anytime. Anywhere.®


Innovation Drives Us

Although "Personal Assistant" is a very high-end customer service offering that has been around since the dawn of business, exceptional customer service builds experiences and elevates brand by catering to the personal needs of its customers and providing them with the unexpected. MyStar is constantly enhancing that experience through the use of new interaction technologies. We have expanded the capabilities to include a mobile app on all mobile phone platforms. Today, users are now able to make requests by email, cellphone, text, online and via the app. These new abilities are helping to extend brand exposure by increasing the interaction between clients and their customers. Through the use of emerging and proprietary technologies, innovative new standards, and optional features are always being added. With over a million clients and customers, as well as expansion into Canada, MyStar Personal Assistant is poised for significant growth and expansion in capabilities today, tomorrow and into the future.